Message from the President

I entered the jewelry sector in 1978 through my family’s business. At the time my family was new in the sector but the sector itself was also in its early stages. My interest in the jewelry sector came from the people around me, when I was a young child I would go to our store in vacation times and  after school with dreams to be one of the best in the jewelry sector. At those times, I would look at the big companies from a distance with envy, there was a saying that went ‘even the dust of gold is money’ and big companies would not let in many employees.

We were working hard to grow our company and reach our goals, but didn’t have the experience to be able to control all the aspects of the job. To be able to create the team, you have to have the foundation and inventory prepared. At the time, computer technology was fairly new and not used as much but I was able to create the system with the help of technology and dedicative work.

Seeing other companies stay behind because of the lack of a team and a system showed me the importance of creating a good team and going corporate. The strength of our foundation encouraged me to bring my dreams alive and to increase the number of the retail stores we have. The first ‘Lizay’ store opening in 2007 was the first step we took to following that dream and branding.

Today, in addition the having stores in many cities of Turkey, we also have 250 sale points all over Turkey in the road to becoming a national brand shows the results of following your dream with determination.