Lizay, a pioneer and experienced brand in the jewellery industry, is moving quickly and confidently on its way to becoming a store and brand, gaining the trust and appreciation of the consumer with its customer-focused approach and wide range of products. Proving its success with its store experience, Lizay serves its customers with 24 stores, 8 of which are Franchisees.

Having 40 years of retail experience since 1978, Lizay is to share this experience with the general investor partners in Turkey.

Advantages of being a part of Lizay:

A partnership with an experienced and pioneer brand

Opportunities of advertisement and promotion at national level

Oppurtunity of having products at national-international standards and quality

Large customer portfolio

Experienced staff and professional  education possibilities

Financial, commercial and business management support

Under the Lizay’s scope, the opportunity of being a part of and to benefit from continuous AR-GE activities.